Infrastructure And Technology

In the era of Information Technology and the Internet, it has become essential to fulfill business needs with the help of electronic services and introduce the latest technology. Technology plays a vital role in any organization’s infrastructure advancement and availability of information.

Delta International Recruiting Agency is equipped with the latest technology and state-of-the-art electronic services. Sitting in the office or home one can communicate with our team and inquire about anything. Delta International Recruiting Agency Customer Care Team is available 24/7 to serve its clients and reply to inquiries.

Delta International Recruiting Agency’s Customer Care representatives are serving in the most professional and prompt way and carrying out their services in a timely manner. E-Services distinguishes us from the other entities in the market in the way that we have highly motivated and skilled IT staff, that is responsible for securing and keeping important data of the customers.

Our Services include:

Posting CVs on our job portal is totally free. Organizations/Employers can reach Delta International for any queries and requests. Employers need to add the information and their specific query, that specific query is sent to the concerned section for further action. We are applying all methodologies to make our information system more systematic, up-to-date, and useful.

Delta International Recruiting Management System Application is for Employees that are used for managing and controlling all the records and information of the clients and of esteemed clients. It has a huge bank and repositories of CV’s, which are queries from time to time to provide to our clients whenever it is required, candidates can fill the form and register to our web portal.

Delta International’s affiliation with its candidates is so that “we never leave you in the way”. We take full responsibility for the candidate and the candidate’s information. Starting from the initial interview to reporting to the employee, the information of the candidate is kept in the database. The highly sophisticated and state-of-the-art information management system enables us to serve the candidate more promptly. Our Team can confidently say that we are the pioneers in E-Services in this sector and striving for the Best.