Emerging Mobile Marketing Trends, You Should Know

Emerging Mobile Marketing Trends, You Should Know

So, you have devoured the year 2022 watching endless clips and doomscrolling? There is some good news for you... we're in the same boat  Roughly riff-raff spent whopping 4 hours per day on mobile devices. I kid you not, go and check your screen time.

Surprised? Have you ever wondered what keeps you glued to your phone? The groovy Mobile Marketing Trends… Yes! You read that right. The new approaches to digital marketing have turned the advertising world upside down. Rather than opting for old marketing tactics, brands have adapted the change to stay ahead in the game.

But, the smartphone revolution has prompted marketers to rethink and redesign their digital strategies. And as the year is drawing to a close, marketers are discovering new advertising strategies and mobile marketing services providers to keep their conversions high. Be assured, the 2022 trends that made you focus on the tiny little details of marketing will probably not work in 2023.

However, anticipating how things will unfold in 2023 is no cakewalk – but that does not mean that foreseeing is any less fun. Hence, take a moment and read the top 10 mobile advertising trends that will surely steal the show in 2023.

Top 8 Mobile Marketing Trends for 2023

With more than 7.26 billion mobile phone users. Optimizing marketing efforts seems to be the key to better brand awareness and enhanced customer relations. However, there are uncountable advertising trends you need to watch for this year, but for enduring growth in this dynamic industry, here are the top 8 you must embrace in 2023.

The Impacts of Social 2.0 On Ad Monetization

Last but not least, Social 2.0 is predicted to outshine in 2023 as a new mobile marketing trend. Customers and businesses can anticipate a platform-based experience rather than a conventional social networking network in the new social media era.

This implies that free-access networking will no longer be centered on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Instead, purpose-built platforms and content monetization will be at the center of social media's future, forging the way for a new digital age.

Say Hello to 5G’s New Possibilities

5G – yes! The new buzzword of broad brand cellular networks is going to be in the midst of worldwide adoption. 5G provides more dependable high-speed internet access, reforming the way you stream, download, and browse. Because 5G technology enables brands to offer more immersive data-heavy experiences, like augmented reality (AR), interactive 4K videos, and virtual reality (VR), that were previously unavailable due to bandwidth and speed limitations, this has significant implications for new mobile marketing trends.

There is more to this mobile marketing trend, too: 5G will expand internet access globally, generating a wealth of new data that can be used by marketers to improve their targeting.

Go Viral on TikTok

Ohh!! The app with the most downloads in 2020 and 2021. Not only has this platform sparked a national conversation and new trends, but it has also proven to be a valuable sales tool for brands. So don't write off the app as just another way for Gen Zers to express their peculiar sense of humor.

However, if you are still clinging to old-school marketing channels such as Google or Facebook, you will miss out on this indispensable marketing trend. Believe us, TikTok isn't going anywhere, anytime soon.

Location -Targeted Mobile Ads

FYI: For target mobile ads, you need professional mobile marketing services.

Businesses can easily gain tremendous success using location-targeted mobile ads with effective advertising strategies. You must be wondering how? Just keep reading we have answers to all your questions.

With the help of geolocation data, marketers can reach out to target customers based on their proximity, allowing them to understand consumer habits while delivering personalized messages. Overall, for mobile marketing trends, targeted mobile ads can significantly increase customer retention. The reason being at least 60% of customers click on mobile ads each week and make weekly purchases.

Video content

Well, video content is among one of the trendiest advertising trends. At this stage, you must be thinking that we should not be talking about it in 2023 – but here you are wrong. Bear in mind no other medium would be able to overtake video as the most effective medium for delivering mobile ads this year or anytime soon.

Besides, video content builds a connection between the brand and the audience. Above all, video creatives lure customers toward your mobile application while enhancing its reach.

Think about it…

Personalized Content

There is always room for improvement…

Although, this marketing trend has been around the corner for so long, but sometimes marketers lose track. It is important to provide the audience with extremely personalized content that they actually want to see. Not just this, personalized content differentiates you from the competitors which is obviously important for mobile marketers.

It's quite common, on average a mobile user to view about 6 to 10 thousand advertisements per day… and of course, that's a lot.

So, to differentiate yourself, this time marketers need to think outside the box.

When potential customers see your advertisement, you want them to remember it and, ideally, act on it. Providing the right content to the right prospect at the right time can increase your ad spend efficiency by 30% - here professional mobile marketing services provider can also help.

A Push for Mobile First Design

At this stage, you must be thinking design has nothing to do with mobile marketing trends. Wrong!! As the adoption of smartphone technology has accelerated, over 50% of Google's online traffic now comes exclusively from smartphone users. Hence, to get your brand message across you need your campaigns to fit perfectly on small screens.

Indeed, cellular conversions will surely take the center stage in this digitally dominated landscape, meaning your mobile optimization needs to work efficiently in every circumstance.

Remember that…

AI-Driven Mobile Marketing

Being a marketer, if you really want to track your audience analytics then my friend you need to use a modern marketing strategy .

To be precise, you need to prioritize new data collection forms, particularly if you want to develop effective campaigns, as Google is deciding to remove third-party cookies from the search engine. You might not be knowing but more than 70% of marketers currently assert to be utilizing a fully developed artificial intelligence strategy.


Looking Forward…

The mobile phone has overtaken all other forms of engagement due to its rising popularity and simplicity in use and information access. Fortunately, marketers have taken notice and are coming up with exciting new mobile marketing trends. Hence, every advertiser and marketer who wants to run a successful mobile marketing campaign must take the types and trends covered in this blog into consideration.

There’s so much to look forward to as we embark on what will undoubtedly be a pivotal year in digital and mobile marketing.

If you want professional mobile marketing services get in touch with Fossphorus – their exceptional team can surely help…



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