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Muller & Phipps, the largest multinational logistics, sales, and distribution service provider was looking for top marketing firms that could help them stay ahead of competitors. With a focus on meaningful interaction and a collaborative online interface, the company needed a customer portal, a striking website, and social media management to steal the show.

Fortunately, they chose us. Having a team of creative think tanks, we designed a modern yet user-friendly portal that was not only easy to navigate but responsive as well. Not just this, our designers with a contemporary approach incorporated new trends in the website while taking a positive brand image through social media channels.

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branding agency
branding agency

Island Care

Island Care is bridging the gap between caregivers and care seekers by offering different types of support including senior care, pet care, housekeeping, and many more. When we began our work with Island Care, they were in dire need of a well-designed website and an interactive portal that would help care seekers in booking an appointment with just a click.

Having a team of proficient designers and full-stack developers, we created a fully functional website featuring interactive plugins, seamless transition, and a stunning template. Not just this, our professional web developers build a scalable and high-performing portal that enhanced the digital performance of the business. With our impeccable services, we proved that we’re among the best marketing firms for startups.

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Hyatt Regency

Hyatt Regency is a 5-star resort located on the Sanur beachfront with traditional design and tropical gardens. Being among the world's top hospitality companies their objective was to reach the optimum level of visibility with increasing audience response. To bring their vision to life they needed advertising agency services – Hence, Hyatt Regency contacted us.

Being among the top-notch marketing strategy consulting firms, our team of graphic designers worked day and night to craft aesthetically pleasing flyers along with the main message. Within the decided time frame we were able to deliver flyers that supported the digital media while promoting the product and boosting sales. Providing end-to-end marketing solutions aimed at tackling the problem of the digital world is our flair. Our appealing, original, and striking content helped Hyatt Regency in building credibility among the audience.

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branding agency
branding agency


Delta International is a recruiting agency providing manpower and placement services in multiple fields and areas starting from unskilled labor to professionals. Keeping in with Delta’s mission, our team was all set to provide a complete branding solution to help the company stand out. Having a team of full-stack developers, we developed feature rich job portal capable of helping recruiters and job seekers.

But before that, we designed a simple yet attractive logo signaling the mission of the company. To take the brand image forward, we build a fully functional website featuring the latest frameworks that brought Delta to the top of the digital landscape. With our convenient syndication, responsive approach, and interactive plugins, we were able to deliver a fast-loading and high-performing website within the decided time.

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XPoint provides advanced geolocation technology for regulatory compliance in the US iGaming market – was looking for marketing firms for startups that could offer game-changing revamping strategies. As for us, we work round the clock and deliver what we commit. Our dynamic branding strategy helped XPoint in drilling down its opponents.

Keeping in mind the technological aspect of the company, we opted for a sophisticated approach and build a website with a sustainable color scheme and elegant design. With our creative flair of combining a comprehensive color scheme with a user-friendly approach, we helped XPoint in building strong brand recognition. Having in-depth knowledge and expertise in search engine optimization, we helped the brand in increasing organic discovery and high-quality website traffic.

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branding agency
branding agency

Wolf Group

Wolf group specializes in a turnkey solution of transforming customer experience while enabling businesses to thrive in an ever-changing marketplace. The company was struggling to build the EPOS system and KIOSK application. And this is where Fossphorus comes in handy!

With our contemporary approach, our application designers and developers build cloud-based EPOS and KIOSK applications featuring full functionality including inventory management, invoicing, customer order, supplier order, and many more. With the help of these systems, we have helped the company in increasing customer engagement and footfall. Building brand recognition and hitting customer right is our forte – hence, we employed our creative flair and years of knowledge to develop easy to use website with helping the company expand the business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Branding is the act of working to improve your reputation. Your brand is how people perceive you. Branding is proactive reputation management. It is planning and strategizing for who your business or organization is and where it wants to go. It impacts business growth decisions, such as whether or not to add a new product or service, as well as how your staff behaves and treats your customers.

The brand strategy combines the things you do, why you do them, why they matter to you, who you do them for, and why it matters to them to give you a path forward. It is your company's approach to doing business and how that makes you different from your competitors. The purpose of brand strategy is to define all of this so your organization has a focus. It is your guiding tool to measure all of your future actions.

Yes! The core of web design is brand messaging (communicating your brand’s values) paired with user experience needs (what your customer expects from your website). A brand agency has the closest connection to your values and understands what your customers need to be satisfied. They did the work to help you discover your brand’s essence and who it best serves. Because of this deep understanding, a brand agency will be able to make strategic decisions about how to best bring your business to life online in a way that properly represents you and supports your customer’s needs.

Marketing strategy, in its simplest form, is a plan for promoting your business. There are a few key components it should include:

1. Three to four marketing goals.
2. A list of the most likely ways to get in front of your audience based on where they are and what they’re paying attention to.
3. A plan for measuring your marketing to make sure your efforts are helping you reach your goals.
4. The dollar amount you can allocate to your marketing. This should include any out-of-pocket costs such as paid media fees, printing fees, and creative services. If you're hiring other people to design ads or promotional materials, include those costs in your budget.

We focus on the core elements of your business and your goals while considering what will connect you with your audience. We are calculated in the decisions we make so that your brand is represented accurately and consistently.

Everything we do is strategic. It's never about shooting from the hip and hoping it sticks. Because of this, your reach naturally expands as your audience begins to become familiar with you and connects to your brand. You'll see an increase in engagement, an increase in word-of-mouth referrals, and, ultimately, an increase in long-term loyalty and trust.

If you’re looking for new ways to reach people, we also offer marketing strategy and execution.

Depending on the size, complexity, and, most critically, the client's active involvement in the process, a website takes anywhere between six and 24 weeks to build and launch. Some incredibly large projects have broken the year mark.

Having years of experience working as the best ecommerce website development company and front end web development company, we’ve a team of developers and designers that strictly follow the project management processes, in place to build and deliver the friendliest, most accessible, and speed-optimized websites.

The process is highly collaborative, so build times can vary based on how quickly clients can respond to questions or approve portions of the site that inform other parts. Since we adjust and readjust to achieve the best UX and the best representation of our client's vision, delays are natural as we process feedback and get sites just right.

We want your site to succeed, and we are experts at doing that. Clients know their business and their customers, and we know marketing and design – when everybody sticks to their strengths and works together, we all win.