How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Ios and Android App Development

How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Ios and Android App Development

AI (Artificial intelligence) has proven to be an incredible technological revolution helping start-ups and businesses beat the competition, particularly in the iOS and android app development world, since its inception. AI's versatile nature and thousands of applications have opened the door to countless innovations and opportunities for various sectors to take advantage of — whether it's in terms of improving existing services or opening new revenue streams.

Today, almost all multibillion-dollar brands use AI in their software and apps to enter users' lives through their cellphones. Through subfields such as deep learning, ML, and predictive analysis, technology is assisting these businesses in taking personalization to the next level. But do you think it is that simple to incorporate AI into your smartphone app to improve the experience it provides? Yes, it is. You must be thinking how?

Well, you do not have to spend a fortune to use these technological innovations today. As AI and ML have gain popularity, there are many tools on the market that allow app developers to take advantage of AI without having to reinvent the wheel.

Let’s get started and explore the best way to develop app for iOS and android while using AI.

Top 5 AI Tools to Build iOS and Android App Development

AI technology has been improving and evolving rapidly since its outset. Consequently, it is one of the most famous Mobile App Development Trends for 2023 and beyond. Below are the 5 best AI development tools for increasing the efficiency of your mobile app.

ML Kit

ML Kit is an exceptional AI tool introduced by Google… ML Kit is a mobile SDK that promotes incredible iOS and android app development by leveraging on-device ML expertise. Its powerful vision, easily accessible, and natural language APIs can be used to solve many problems in apps and to create seamless user experiences - All of this is provided for free and is powered by Google's world-class ML models.

Application developers can also use Firebase to launch their apps. Because the solution provides you with cloud and on-device APIs in a simple interface, you are free to select whatsoever best meets your needs. ML kit, in essence, makes incorporating ML to mobile apps simple and easy; all you need to do is pass the data through an API and just wait for the SDK to respond.

Core ML

You might be knowing about it… it is the best AI tool by Apple. Core ML, released in June 2017, is a ML framework introduced by Apple. It was designed to improve user privacy by focusing on the device's in-built ML rather than other cloud-based solutions. It is a robust machine learning framework with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and world-class capabilities. You can use this incredible tool to create intelligent iOS applications with capabilities that were unthinkable just a few years ago.

Remember, Not all the tools can be used for iOS and android app development… some are specific.

This artificial intelligence tool can be used in two ways: through top-level APIs or by incorporating its features directly into your application. With its natural language framework, speech framework, and sound analysis framework, you can make your application second to none – all you need to do is just write a code of a few lines.

Open CV

If you are looking for the best way to develop app for iOS and android, Open CV is the best. To be more specific, Open CV can be embedded in iOS and android applications both. It is essentially a cross-platform open-source library that can be used to create real-time computer vision applications.

Originally developed in C++, Open CV also includes Java and Python bindings. It works perfectly with multiple operating systems, including Net BSD, Windows, OSX, Linux, and others. The main focus of the tool is analysis, video capture, and image processing, with features including object and face detection.

Poarch and Tensor flow deep learning frameworks are also supported by the Open CV library. The primary goal of Open CV is to provide a standard infrastructure for computer vision applications and to accelerate machine learning adoption.

Tensor flow

Tensor flow is an open-source ML platform based on deep-learning neural networks for iOS and android app development. Essentially, it combines machine learning and deep learning algorithms while employing them through a common symbol. Tensor flow is written in Python, and mobile apps can be run in C++. Its simplified design enables more people to create intelligent AI-powered mobile apps.

Coca-Cola, Intel, and Airbnb are among the most well-known companies that use Tensor flow as they consider it as best way to develop app for iOS and android. It is an open-source AI library that uses data flow graphs to create models. Tensor flow can be employed to understand, predict, classify, discover, create, and perceive.

This framework's architecture allows for computation on any GPU or CPU. It can run on a server, a desktop, or even a mobile device. Tensor Flow is also used by Google for complex ML models such as Rank Brain and Google Translate.

Caffe 2

Caffe 2 is a modified version of Caffe that was introduced by Facebook. It is a modular, flexible, and lightweight deep learning framework for iOS and android app development. The Caffe framework was created with the intention of making AI and ML-based mobile application development simple and straightforward.

Caffe2 enables developers to conduct deep learning experiments with minimal complication, and because it is cross-platform, it can be integrated with Xcode, Android Studio, and Visual Studio to create robust applications. Caffe2 is used by Facebook to assist developers and tech researchers in training ML models and delivering AL on mobile devices.

The platform is best known for its impressive architecture, which fosters innovation. Configuration is used to define optimizations and models without the need for hard coding. To train on a GPU machine, you can toggle between CPU and GPU by changing a single flag.

Moreover, it is an ideal framework for research experiments and industrial deployments as it can process over 60 million imageries per day using a single NVIDIA K40 GPU.


AI integration in iOS and android app development is already benefiting businesses in a variety of industries, and it is likely that this is just the beginning. As a result, the sooner your organization embraces this technological innovations, the more likely it is to gain a competitive advantage.

At Fossphorus… We understand the value of differentiation in mobile application development. As a result, our team is constantly looking for ways to ensure that our solution truly meets the needs of the users while also reflecting positively on your bottom line. So, if you are looking for the best way to develop app for iOS and android - please do not hesitate to contact us. We'd be delighted to work together.



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